Privacy Policy

December 10, 2017

This privacy policy has been compiled to better serve those who are concerned with what information QCLean collected and how those information is being used. This privacy policy may need to change, the updates will be posted online and you can find the most updated version here.

What information does QCLean collect from the people that use this browser extension?

QCLean collects two types of information:

  1. Interactions

    Interactions between QCLean and browser, it contains the extension lifecycle events in browser and user interface interaction events in popup page and options page of QCLean.

  2. Content that is blocked or hid by QCLean

    It contains content of advertisements that are shown in Facebook page and sponsored posts, recommended posts that are shown in Facebook newsfeed. It may contain personal information like display name of Facebook users.

And QCLean will stop to collect those information after closing the auto reporting option in extension's options page.

When does QCLean collect information?

QCLean collects information when there is at least one Facebook page that is opened in browser and when the extension options page is opened.

Where does QCLean store those information?

QCLean stores collected information on Google Analytics.

How does QCLean use information?

  1. The use of interactions information

    QCLean use the information of interactions to find potential technical issue of extension itself and user behavior to provide better user experience.

  2. The use of blocked or hidden content

    QCLean use the blocked or hidden content to analyze and learn the patterns of those content. It will help QCLean to update its rules and mechanism of blocking or hidding content to provide user a clean Facebook page.

    QCLean do not analyze and learn from personal information that is contained in those blocked or hidden content.

QCLean will also aggregate blocked or hidden content data and package as market insight and sell these market insight to institutes.